Using the ancient art of Chinese Reflexology, at Black Mountain Bodyworks we provide you with the most enjoyable foot massage experience to heal your mind, body, and soul.  We believe in providing our guests with the highest standards of service and quality possible.

Our certified therapist, Erin Foster, is highly qualified; undergoing a strict selection process to ensure your satisfaction. Not only will she relieve your stress and fatigue, but she can also help you restore the balance and harmony within your system.
Reflexology works to activate the body's innate ability to heal itself through applying pressure to the reflex points of the feet (hands or face). These points communicate with different parts of the body via the central nervous system.

Here's what Reflexology can do for you:
  • It gives major stress relief for your whole body
  • It improves your circulation and energy
  • It reduces pain of headaches and migraines
  • It improves sleep, mental alertness and more
Reflexology Sessions
30-minutes $45
60-minutes $75 

Energy Medicine Introduction
90 minute introduction to Reflexology, Reiki and Chakra Balancing $100

Erin will can her healing energy through Reflexology, Reiki and Chakra Balancing to support you through difficult life transitions, renewing your sense of hope and purpose.
It is important to take into account the mental, emotional, and physical state before each session.  By assessing each aspect, I can hone in on the reflexes of each bodily organ or system that may be involved in any imbalance and strive towards bringing the body back to balance.   By using essential oils, I work to dissolve the energy blockages in your meridian system (based on Chinese medicine).  Oils are chosen based on the possible energy blockages, and then massaged into the appropriate reflex areas on the feet and lower legs. Additionally, essential oils will be used in a diffuser and held above the nose for deep inhalation in order to move the frequency of the brain into a state of relaxation where the self-healing of the body is accelerated. 

Add-On only $7

Chakra is Sanskrit for "energy vortex." While there are many Chakras in traditional eastern thought, we focus on the main 7 that are better known in western culture. The Chakras are like wheels in our body that our life force energy, or prana, flows through. When there are blocks or stagnation in that energy the chakras become misaligned and can often lead to emotional turmoil or physical illness. Picture a bicycle wheel flowing freely, until a stick gets stuck in the spokes. Not only does it cause that wheel to stop, but the rest of the bike stops too. Through balancing your Chakras, we remove that stick from your wheel. As your Chakras become aligned, it should bring a feeling of relaxation, peace, and clarity.  The seven major chakras are a rotating wheel of energy inside everyone. When all of the seven major chakras are not in balance, the energy within is not flowing freely. This can lead to illness, fatigue, disease, and stress. Therefore, having your sacral chakra in balance with the other major chakras is vital to achieve wholeness.

Add-On $20


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